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Affiliate Marketing is considered one of the most rewarding forms of marketing for both individuals and companies. Here in TGF Group, you will be dealing with leaders and experts in this field

Why Should I choose Affiliate Marketing?

There are many reasons that make Affiliate Marketing attractive for you such as:

The High Income

You will increase your income with no need to have your own company or store, wherever you are at any time

You Only Need Your Experience

Depending on what you already have, no need for anything new, just your skills, expertise, and your audience. You will be multiplying your income through Affiliate Marketing

The High Demand

All companies worldwide are searching for digital skills, they will open their doors for you cause you are a key for their success.


It is not a traditional job from 9 to 5, you will be your own manager organizing your time as you wish.

It Stimulates You to Become Better

Since it is all about your skills, you will be always pushing yourself forward in order to refine what you already have and learn something new that helps you improve.

The High Demand

All companies worldwide are searching for digital skills, they will open their doors for you cause you are a key for their success.

What is The Affiliate Coupon Model?

It is an essential product you are going to provide your customers.

TGF Group will link you with brands which are suitable for your speciality and audience, these brands are going to create a special coupon for you. And then, these brands and us will monitor the sales your coupon is making.

You will get half of your commission during the first week of the following month, and the other half after 50 days.

The affiliate coupon models are easy to use, and they are the best tool to make more engagement, in addition to they are trackable and anti-fraud.

Affiliate Marketing - Link Tracking (Powered by

We assure you a very accurate tracking and sale attribution with constant support and negotiations for better payouts. And for sure, no scrubbing.

With TGF Group, you will have the ability to customize commissions in agreement with the client with an access to international brands and the ability to contact them directly

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

CPA (Cost Per Action)

This is the most popular model among publishers because it offers a win-win relationship for advertisers and publishers.

How CPA works? When a user visits your website and clicks on an affiliate link then fills the offer or completes any action, you get paid.

It means that brands only pay for their Ads when those who view it complete the desired action.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

In this type, you will earn the commission once you secure a sale of a product or service for advertisers. This is the most appealing model for advertisers and it’s a part of a broader type – CPA (stands for Cost Per Action).

This can work well in the mobile app space – examples include in-app purchases and other services purchased within an app.

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

This Type suggests paying publishers for each instance when a mobile ad impression leads to a click and subsequent lead capturing. The other name under which the same model is known: online lead generation. The significant difference between CPL and other models is that in this case, advertisers pay not for a product/service sold but for information about a potential customer.

Lead generation, of course, can lead to far better targeting and those customers who fill in a form, for example, are more likely to be engaged consumers down the line. It’s a good choice for app marketers who want to get their brand noticed.

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