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Affiliate Marketing is considered one of the most rewarding forms of marketing for both individuals and companies. Here in TGF Group, you will be dealing with leaders and experts in this field

Why Should I choose Affiliate Marketing?

We will review some important points about Affiliate Marketing that make it really matters for your business

Increasing Sales

By collaborating with high quality affiliates, you are going to achieve more sales, because your business success is not only yours, it is going to be the affiliates success as well, and it guarantees that your services will reach a larger audience.

It is Not Risky At All

You will pay once the sale is complete. So, you have nothing to lose

It is Growing, and It is a Must

Affiliate Marketing has proved itself and showed how successful it is. Be sure that your competitors are already using it and investing a lot of money in this type of marketing due to its great results.

It Saves Time and Energy

Except hiring a team to handle such a task for your business, you can easily give this task to a team which is really experienced in this field and always brings you great results.

Affiliate Coupon Model

Let us show you how this works. In TGF Group, we will connect you with affiliates who are interested in your business and have dealt with companies like yours in the past. Your team is responsible for providing them with special coupons.

And then, we will help your team to monitor the sales of these coupons.

The affiliate coupon model guarantees increasing sales higher than any program, and it is highly effective and brings engagement, in addition to the part that your company will not pay until the sale is secured

Affiliate Marketing - Link Tracking (Powered by

The link tracking provides you with full control over customization of commissions with a very transparent communication between affiliates and brands.Moreover, you will have access to more than 100000 international publishers with keeping your brand image by selecting sites to publish on

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

CPA (Cost Per Action)

It is essentially an umbrella type for a number of other models such as CPL and CPS. This is the most popular model among publishers because it offers a win-win relationship for advertisers and publishers.

In this model, you will pay the affiliates once the customers complete an action you decide what it is.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

It is a great choice for more traditional product offerings, allowing advertisers to track each sale of a product. This can work well in the mobile app space – examples include in-app purchases and other services purchased within an app.

Your company will pay the affiliates once the sale is secured

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

This model allows you to pay for quality leads – this alone makes the model a compelling option. It helps that people who click on the ads in these campaigns are usually genuinely interested in the product from the start.

CPL campaigns can take longer to set up, and by extension, monitor, and they are not used as often as other forms of mobile advertising, which can lead to a higher cost.

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