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There is a very simple rule you probably know, Influencer Marketing is Marketing to Influencers.

While you are promoting a service or a product, you will be promoting yourself as well. And you know very well how companies are always looking for influencers like you in order to increase their sales and audience.

The Benefits You Will Get From TGF Group

We will be beside you in order to make the communication between you and the company easier, since most of the companies do not have specialized departments that deal with influencers.

Do not worry about filling your account with the promotions you are going to do. Only 20% maximum of your feed will be held for the promotion.

Since we are connected with a lot of companies worldwide, we assure you will be promoting only for companies who are suitable for you and your audience.

Influencer Marketing Solutions

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

This model provides you with payments for each sale you generate. You just need to prove the authenticity of the service or the product you are promoting, and we will help you track all the sales made by you so you get all your payments without scrubbing.

CPM (Cost Per Mile)

A great model that gives you payments for each 1000 impressions you get on the promotion. For example, you make a video about the service or product, and for each 1000 views you will get paid.

This model is highly recommended for influencers, since they do not wait until they generate sales in order to get paid

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